When You Just Want to Ride Dick Until the Sun Comes Up

The longest I’ve ever fucked before (without a break at all, thank you very much) was about 11 hours and I would do that every single day if real life responsibilities didn’t keep getting in the way.

Sometimes… Okay all of the time… you just want to ride dick until the fucking sun comes up. No? Alright, well then maybe it’s just me.

But really though… if we’re all being real here, then you’re all lying to yourselves and you know it. I know that I can’t be the only woman who could literally fuck all night and all day. If I’m being completely honest, then that’s not even nearly long enough.

High sex drives come with a price though. The struggle is real and it’s a pain in the ass in a whole shit ton of ways…

It’s not to be taken lightly when you’re like ridiculously horny and have nothing to put all of that sexual energy into. It’s almost like denying an addict their dosage. You want to fuck. You need to fuck. Aaaand it needs to happen like now.

Eventually, your body will start telling you no… Whether it’s been 2 hours or 12 hours, at some point, your body will start to slow down. Sex is actually an incredibly intense work out (at least it should be) and after a little while, either all of those muscles that you’re using to bounce up and down on that dick will start to get tired and tense.

Or, depending on the size of the D and how much you’ve really been goin’ in, your pussy might just be raw and sore as all hell. Either way, your body will need a break sooner rather than later. Damnit. And everything inside of you is screaming to just keep going!

Or he will… Maybe you’re not the one to wear out quite as easily, but he is. There’s not much you can do with a flaccid piece of meat…

It’s just not always the most plausible thing ever… His dick can’t get hard, he already came (and isn’t about to do it again), a roommate comes home, someone has to work early, exhaustion sets in, you run out of condoms… there are a hundred different things that could prevent you from getting hot and heavy all night long.

You just have to hope that none of them do because in all reality, it really shouldn’t be too much to ask to be able to ride a dick until the sun comes up.

Doesn’t anyone understand the struggle of just wanting to fuck all day, every day. Regardless of what you’re doing or who you’re with, chances are likely, that somewhere in the back of your mind, you’re running replays of some kinky night you had, while appearing to carry on a normal conversation.

When you just want to ride dick until the sun comes up… brace yourself, because the sexual struggle is very real my friend.

by Danielle Pryor


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