To the Guy Who Has the Balls to Live with My Crazy Ass

by  Justice Parker

Good luck. Cause you are in for one heck of a treat with me.

And I’m not quite sure that it is gonna be the treat you are thinking of. Not the sweet and warm treats your grandma used to make. I’m thinking more on the line of.. lemon heads.

They’re just the right amount of sour to make you wince just a bit but also a perfect mix of sweet and tart, with that wonderful lemon taste to tie it all together.

I mean, eating a whole box at once would be a bit much, so you have to pace yourself over the course of time.

And that is how it will be with me, I might be a bit much to handle, but over time you’ll adapt… Hopefully.

So thank you, thank you for coming into my life and showing me that it’s okay to be different. That it is okay to be who I am.

For sticking by my side when I freak out over little tiny things and become over-emotional.

And for being there when I need a person, even if we end up just sitting in silence.

Next, I want to say sorry. I’m sorry for our relationship not being all peaches and cream. I am sorry for the bitchy  I am sorry for the bitchy attitude and the freaking out because something didn’t go my way.

For getting worked up over the little things that don’t really matter but I am so emotional so in my mind…everything matters

And I’m especially sorry for the late night crying sessions after a long day and making you reassure me every two seconds that you love me.

But seriously, kudos to you for dealing with me. It sure takes one special man. I can remember hoping and praying to find someone just like you.

A man that will love me, respect me, and appreciate everything I have to give and accept me for all that I am.

I have so much love to give, and I am just grateful that I can finally give it all to someone like you. Thanks for picking me, out of all those fish in the sea.

I promise to love you and cherish every moment we spend together.