What Her Go-To Drink Says About Her Personality

by resplandecer

Good luck hunting, bros!

1. Red Wine

Real women drink red wine. It is just classy.

It’s a delicate and traditional drink that for years, has been a great companion to pretty girls in black, steak dinners, and celebratory binge drinking.

A woman who religiously enjoys red wine is utmost classy and wants to see her man as such.

Show off that Rolex a little bit. Don’t be surprised that women who prefer this beverage are rarely seen at bars.

She’s a smooth talker and intricate. Just like the stain this drink would leave if mishandled, rattling a red wine drinker’s cage would leave an irremovable blemish on your life. You’ve been warned !!

2. White Wine 

White wine is red wine’s troublemaker cousin. Being such a popular choice, it is used as the ammo for a budding woman’s alcoholic firearm.

Most of the time, white wine is drunk straight from the bottle or in crazy large quantities at a time.

Girls who enjoy white wine are usually in their early twenties and use the stuff to pre-game a night downtown or as Netflix binge fuel for shows you don’t care about.

These girls are crazy attractive.

Did I mention that when I say “white wine,”? I’m probably talking about Moscato, being one of the only white wines women drink.

3. Cranberry Vodka

Don’t try and talk to these drinkers, immediately.

They suffer from intense social anxiety and, although very pretty, you’re going to have a problem holding a conversation with her.

The game plan is to sit back and wait for her to finish two to four of them and then start your conversation with, “want a shot?”?

She will almost always turn you down, but now she’s going to think you’re interested.

If she’s playing the game, she’s going to say something like, “…but you can get me one of these.”?

The moment she shakes her exhausted vodka cranberry’s ice cube skeleton, you’re IN!

She’s going to love talking about romantic comedies and her family, but don’t bring up her love life under any circumstances.

4. Margarita 

Are you ready for a long-term relationship? Neither is she.

These gals love to party. Look at the size of the margarita she is guzzling.

If she has the glass that’s comparable to a milk jug, she’s a regular and knows how to flirt. Go ahead and talk to her, she’ll probably buy you a drink, too.

Beware, she’s going to gossip the entire time about her girlfriends that she’ll assume you know somehow because you’ll hear their first names countless times.

In fact, you’ll be lucky if you get a sentence in cause she is going to be quite the talker.

5. Sangria 

Sangria is Spanish for a hangover, but she doesn’t care.

The one thing I love about a sangria drinker is her ability to always have something sassy to say. I mean it!

They are not, by any means, dull women.

Like wine, sangria is typically married to a type of food, but the exception is that you tend to make the sangria yourself so you can expect that she is going to be a great cook, too.

Actually, sangria is basically red wine on steroids so consider sangria drinkers just a step above red wine drinkers.

Sophisticated and cultured, you might want to consider dating a sangria enthusiast.

6. Beer

Go to www.google.com and search for “engagement rings.”? Quick, before it is too late!

I bash the idea of marriage a lot, but when it comes down to a beer drinker I must at least consider it.

Women who drink beer are unicorns and need to be treated like goddesses.

They are down to earth, gorgeous, and actually, can make you laugh. You can find them having a good time at bars or throwing down at parties.

With fantastic interests and colorful personalities you will be confused as to how much you like them and will reconsider your entire opinion of women.

Unfortunately, they are already dating someone. You rarely will ever have the chance to snatch a beer drinking gal.

Good luck hunting, bros!