Frisky Females: The Struggles of Being a Highly Sexual Woman

A friend of mine was recently talking to me about how she hadn’t been with anyone in a long time, and after having sex again she suddenly wanted it so much more: “You know how when you don’t have sex for a while, you just kind of… stop needing it???”

Yeah, that doesn’t happen to me.

So, if you’re anywhere near the same boat that I’m in, you have faced, lived, and endured some of the daily struggles of being a highly sexual woman:

1. You want sex just as much, if not more, than your boyfriend.

Sex to you is not only about loving and connecting, but it’s also playful and fun. When you hear statistics about how average couples your age have sex two times per week, your mind just goes blank. Like, what do you mean?

Most of the time, you’re the one initiating the sex, and when your partner turns you down, it hurts just as much as it does for men.

Your guy has trouble keeping up with you – especially at the end of a long day. Jeez, sometimes a man’s just gotta sleep.

2. You like, want, and need all different kinds of sex. All of the sex.

There’s nothing that gets you going more than the steamy, raw, animalistic kind of sex that you have with someone who you connect with so intensely. The chemistry is there and so is the sweat.

But there’s also the soft, slow, romantic kind where you can’t keep your hands off of each other and you couldn’t get closer if you tried.

And also the fun, let’s-tickle-each-other, wrestle, and giggle the whole time kind of sex.

Man, you just want it all. All of the sex.

3. People always come to you with sex questions.

There are very few things that you haven’t tried in the bedroom, so when one of your friends needs advice on which vibrator is the best or how to have anal sex without it hurting, they know that you are the gal to turn to.

You’re open with your sexuality. While some people may blush when handcuffs or whipped cream is mentioned, you just talk about it just like anything else.

4. Almost every man you’ve ever been with has said that he’s unusually comfortable with you in bed.

The first time someone said this to you, you thought, Hmm, I guess we just have a great connection, so we’re both just really comfortable with each other.

The second time, you thought, Well, hmm, maybe this guy is just really comfortable with me too? The third, you knew that it was you.

Because you are so comfortable with your sexuality, the person who you’re in bed with also feels comfortable. You’ve learned that being open and comfortable in bed really, honestly makes for better sex.

5. Age is just a number – so are sexual partners.

You are no agist, racist, or classist when it comes to sex. Part of your sexual confidence has come from being open minded; you pass no judgement.

Sex is about sex – not about age, race, or money – and certainly not about numbers.

You have sex with whomever it is you wanna have sex with, and regardless of what society may think about ya, you’re always safe and you’re always happy.

6. You’ll try anything once.

Hey, maybe a butt plug sounds intimidating (ha, or maybe it doesn’t) but thaaat don’t mean you’re not down to give it a whirl. How the hell are you supposed to know if ya like it or not until ya try it?

Men love this about you. Some may be rattled by your intense sexual curiosity, but in the end, it always works out in your favor.

After all, you’ll try anything once.

Twice, if ya like it.