Being Your Aunt, This I Promise You

To my wonderful niece(s) and nephew(s),

I am so lucky to have you in my life, and being your aunt brings me so much joy. Who would have known that someone so little could have such an impact on me and bring so much happiness into my life.  Each of you has changed me for the better and I couldn’t imagine a world where you didn’t exist.

I wish I could spend every day with you, whether watching you play with your trucks, coloring or trying to understand the thousands of things you were so excited to tell me about even when I don’t understand them. Your hugs are my favorite, because you are always so happy to see me.

Seeing your photos on Facebook brightens my day because I don’t get to see you every day. Except you are growing up so quickly and I just wish I could keep you little forever.

I wish I could shield you from all the negative things that are happening in this world. I wish I could protect you from heartbreak or loneliness or from those who are going to disagree with you in life.

I promise you this; I will always be there with arms open whenever you need someone in your corner. Whether it’s for sporting events, dance performances, math competitions, 4H events or whatever other thing you decide to participate in. I can promise to always be your biggest fan.

I promise to have open arms whenever you need a hug, kisses to make the pain of scraped knees go away or when you get better to heal a broken heart.

You never hesitate to make me laugh or smile, because you say some of the silliest stuff and you think it’s the greatest thing ever. You smile and love life and everyone in it so please don’t lose that, despite what this world is going to throw at you.

Always hold onto the joy of the simple things, whether it is the dandelion you picked on the side of the house that you thought was the prettiest thing or the happiness of jumping over that large puddle you didn’t think you’d clear.

When you get older I hope you never see me as just another grownup who doesn’t understand you. I hope you feel you can come to me with anything and know that I will never judge you. When you feel like no one understands you or will listen to you, please know I will always be here for you.

Even when I’m far away I promise I’m never farther than a phone call away. I know I am not around as much and the times we see each other become shorter and shorter but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you any less and that you aren’t a big part of my life. I can’t promise you the world, and I can’t promise life won’t be tough at times but I do promise to stand by your side through it all and be whatever you need me to be.

I tell the world about you, about how proud of you I am and how adorable you all are, and that I’m sorry to disappoint but that I have the best nieces and nephews around.

Mostly I promise to love you no matter what, because that’s what aunts are for.